Inspection General Conditions

1- The Inspection Company is obliged to dispatch Inspector to site (place of manufacturing, packaging or customs) or the destination (customs or warehouse) or any other agreed place that is mentioned in the contract or LC. .

2- The Applicant is obliged to submit a copy of Commercial Card and Official Gazette, to the Inspector.

3- The Applicant is obliged to clearly determine the limits and methods of inspection, the specifications of goods based on its type, dimensions, and quality required, based on the standards.

4- In the cases that the specifications are not given completely, the basis for issuing COI is the mandatory standards, and laws and regulations of ISIRI.

5- If the inspection of used or refurbished goods are required, the Applicant shall mention this situation in the purchase documents, and also, he/she shall inform the Inspection Company and a different contract shall be concluded for this case, including the specifications of Goods, method of inspection and the responsibilities of beneficiary.

6- If the packaging or transportation method is specific, this shall be clearly mentioned in purchase order. Otherwise, the standard methods shall be considered.

7- The necessary actions for safety of dispatched inspection team shall be observed by Vendor or Manufacturer and any potential danger shall be informed.

8- The costs of laboratory, if any, shall be paid by Applicant. The costs of any form of inspection, sampling, and test on the goods that is beyond determined inspection shall be paid by Applicant.

9- In case of any minor difference between documents of purchase regarding the specifications of goods, the priority of documents shall be as follows: LC, Contract, Proforma Invoice (from last to first), and other documents.

10- In case of any dispute between Applicant and Vendor or between Applicant and Inspection Company, if the inspection is performed, the full fees shall be paid.

11- Any documents determined by Applicant, including the map, technical specifications, test methods and inspection shall be submitted to Inspection Company at least one week prior the inspection. If the applicant fails to submit the documents promptly, the basis for performing inspection shall be the delivered documents by Vendor or Manufacturer and the Inspection Company shall not have any responsibility regarding the possible claims of Vendee.

12- The Inspection Company is an independent company and in below cases, the company may refuse to issue Certificate of Inspection: if the subject of inspection is illegal or unauthorized, the lack of competency of subject of inspection with the conditions mentioned in documents of Vendee, lack of cooperation by Vendor or Manufacturer, and non-payment of inspector’s fee.

13- The date of issue of Certificate of Inspection is the date of issue of Bill of Lading or after that or the date of delivery of goods to Applicant, unless any other date is mentioned in LC. After issuance, the certificate shall be delivered to beneficiary of LC, unless any other arrangements are agreed in LC or Purchase Contract.

14- Shipping documents including Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List shall be provided by applicant.

15- The original copy of Certificate of Inspection (COI) shall bearing the seal and hologram prior delivering the same to resident representative of ISIRI in Customs.

16- In case of any possible conflict in the quality, quantity, and packaging of the goods with the specifications of PO, the Vendee is obliged to inform the Vendee and Inspection Company within 10 days from date of entrance of goods and prior its clearance from destination customs and without performing any changes that may lead to any problem in determining the responsible or procedure of changes and also the vendee shall provide requirements for inspection, sampling, re-inspection and initial investigations to determine the amount and cause of this conflict, unless other agreements are made in this regard in prior.

17- If any inconsistent is observed after clearance of goods, within 7 days of clearance from customs, the Applicant shall inform the Vendor and Inspection Company through written notice and if all of the goods are recognizable based on the shipping documents, the Inspection Company shall take action to reserve the possible rights of Applicant and also to re-inspect the goods and the costs of Inspection shall be paid by Applicant.

18- The Vendor is responsible for delivery of goods based on the conditions and specifications determined in the purchase documents and issuing the COI shall not waive the responsibilities of Vendor; if it is proved that there is any inconsistent in the specifications of Goods, the damages shall be compensated by Vendor / Manufacturer. Anyway, the Inspection Company is obliged to maintain the interests of Applicant in the limits of common procedures and inspection.

19- The Inspection Company is obliged to perform inspection works with precision and professional skills. The Inspection Company and its personnel are responsible for any negligence in inspection and they shall compensate maximum up to 10 times of the inspection fee for the proportion of the shipment that its negligence in inspection is proven, provided that it will not exceed an amount of €20,000. Obviously, in the case of intentional error of Inspection Company, the vote of competent judicial authority is invoked.

20- Issuing report and COI by Inspection Company is merely showing the status of Goods in time of inspection and prior issuance of Bill of Lading; any damages occurred to the goods after issuing bill of lading resulted by shipment of goods, discharge, transportation, maintenance, warehouse procedures, physical and chemical reactions or adverse weather conditions is not an evidence of inconsistent good in time of inspection and the Inspection Company shall not have any responsibility in this regard.