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Balivan Co. was established in 1980 and has been the exclusive representative of SPC Seaport Controllers International GmbH since 1988.
Balivan Inspection Co. is authorized for Sampling, the Inspection of Domestic Companies, inspection for exported goods in field of Food, Agricultural Products, Minerals, Chemical Products and Polymers, Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic Appliances, Household Appliances, Computers and Industrial Machinery and Inspection of Production Lines.
Balivan Co. Presents a technical expert team and its main objective is to satisfy the customers through maintaining the quality of goods and providing accurate services in the quickest time.
In addition, Balivan Co. is the exclusive representative of SPC Seaport Controllers International GmbH in field of inspection of imported goods to Iran and confirms all of the technical documents of imported goods.
It is worth mentioning that SPC Seaport Controllers is an international inspection company that started its official activities in 1978 and provides goods inspection services worldwide but its experiences for inspection of cotton and agricultural products dates back to 1856. Currently, the services of the mentioned company with more than 160 years of experiences are provided with the highest level of required standards of the clients.
Balivan Inspection Co. together with SPC Seaport Controllers International GmbH performs its inspection activities through 4 main branches, i.e. Headquartered in Bremen of Germany and a branch in Düsseldorf, a branch in China and a branch office in South Korea and also several representative office in the UAE, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, India and so on.
The company is a member of IFIA, GAFTA, FOSFA, THE SUGAR ASSOCIATION and it is the holder of ISO 17020 and ISO 9001 certificates.

1-Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) in Origin:

In order to prevent any conflict in terms of quantity and quality of goods, packing and marking, the PSI is performed. This inspection includes a review of quantitative and qualitative aspects of the goods and to check its compliance with requested standards and monitor all stages of packing, shipping and loading.
Pre-Shipment status will be reported and if the product complies with the request of the buyer, the related certificates will be issued.

2-Post-Shipment Inspection in Destination:

some of the goods are not subject to mandatory standards and the vendee orders for shipment, but the IC certificate is required for clearance of goods from customs & Bank procedure. Therefore, Inspection is performed in the customs of country.
Also, it is possible that some of the goods are subject to mandatory standards but they are not inspected in origin Country. Therefore, a committee is formed in customs, the relevant letter is issued, and then the samples are collected from the goods, they are sent to accredited laboratory, the results are provided by the laboratory, and then, finally the COI is issued.

3-Technical or Bulk Inspection:

The services of technical inspection include inspection during manufacturing of goods or equipment and it includes checking the compliance of finished goods based on engineering or technical documentation, functional testing, manufacturing method and correct delivery of goods. Services such as non-destructive testing) ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing), control of raw materials, resistance testing, and also weld inspection are offered. These services can be done for Iranian companies too.
In addition Draft & Ullage survey can be done by the inspectors of the company.

4-Loading and Unloading Supervision:

At the time of loading or unloading of Vessels in port areas, the company performs monitoring services. Then, it reports the status of the goods to the buyer to prevent any damage.

5-Sampling and Laboratory Services:

At the request of the buyer the company will get samples from product. Then, to ensure compliance of goods with the standards or to determine the nature of the product, the company will sent the goods to equipped & accredited laboratories that are certified by ISO 17025.

6-Price / Vendor Verification Services:

Under the rules of foreign trade, banking Foreign Currency allocation to importing companies is subject to evaluating the prices of imported goods by inspection companies and issuing prices certificate by inspector. In addition, the authenticity of the manufacturer or vendor and technical evaluation of manufacturers’ plant shall be carried out by the inspection company.


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